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1. Reading poetry
               o Read ‘Bedtime’ by Eleanor Farjeon.
               o Underline the rhyming words in the poem.
               o Now read it aloud with good expression.


2. Writing poetry
               o Think of ideas for your own version of the poem ‘Bedtime’. What reasons would you give your parent/carer to persuade them to let you stay up five minutes more?
               o Use the writing frame Five Minutes to write your own poem.
               o Try to include features that will make your poem enjoyable to read aloud – powerful verbs, vivid adjectives, rhythm and repeating phrases.


3. Performing Poetry
              o Practise reading your poem aloud, think about which words to put emphasis on as you read.
              o If you can, learn it off by heart, this helps to make your performance even better.
              o Perform the poem to someone in your home or perhaps to a relative on Skype or FaceTime.


Try the Fun-Time Extras
              o Using the Not Five Minutes! writing frame (see resources), have a go at a poem with a twist on the original – a poem begging to not be made to stay 5 more minutes! Think of something you don’t like doing (washing the dishes, tidying your bedroom, eating your vegetables, doing homework) and
think of all the things you’d rather do instead.

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