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It's time for the Friday Maths Challenge! Remember, you will probably only be able to do 1-5 by yourself without difficulty. That is all I expect you to do. If you want to have a go at the trickier ones, you absolutely can. Please do not feel disheartened if you don't understand- some of the questions are for 15 year olds!! 


Maybe you could use them to test mums, dads or older siblings. 


Good luck- try your best and do not worry! 



Today we are going to complete the Grammar section by completing the Sentence Imitation activity. You might be thinking 'Sentence imitation?! What's that!' Good question. Imitation means to copy something, so we are copying the sentences we have seen in the text. We are copying their structure, but changing the words and the content. This is similar to Magpie-ing, we are using something we think is good, and changing it to be used in our own work. 


Afternoon Lesson


I have set a '2do' on Purple Mash. Can you create a booklet all about the Arctic and the dangers it faces? Show me all the wonderful things you have learned.