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Happy happy Friday! 


Wow- what a week of wonderful work you have achieved. Congratulations! I am so proud of you. 




Today, you are going to finish your portal stories. If you have finished, you could edit your work. Check for spellings, punctuation (apostrophes and capital letters are the usual suspects), and if you have used all of those wonderful skills you have learnt. 


If you're super speedy and STILL have time, and you'd like to make your story even more fabulous- could you do an illustration to accompany your story? 


I cannot wait to read what you write. 






Maths on Fridays is going to be a little different. We are not going to continue our lessons, instead we are going to do a Maths CHALLENGE! 


Questions 1-5 are suitable for you to do alone, however, then they get a little trickier. Could you work on these with your family and try to get the correct answers? 


Afternoon Lesson


In celebration of VE Day- today there is no lesson, it's time for your VE Day Party! 


I would love to see your celebrations. Put your bunting up, perhaps make some 1940's food, sing some songs and dance the Lindy Bop! 


Have a lovely time.