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English Learning

Below you will find 10 days worth of English activities. Also attached are some resources to accompany them. It covers reading, writing and grammar. Please complete what is manageable for you and your family. Feel free to access tasks from a lower year group if it is too tricky for your child. 

Here is a summary of what the learning will cover:


Day 1 – Listen to an amazing story. Use thesauruses. Make predictions. Write about the extraordinary illustrations.

Day 2 – Listen to the story again. Make character notes. Imagine a special place that you know or would like to know and write about this magical place.

Day 3 – Read non-fiction: an article about alchemy. Listen to another story, The Last Alchemist, by the same author. Compare stories.   

Day 4 – Listen to the story again. Imagine and write a new scene. Read and learn a poem.

Day 5 – Read an autobiography. Make comparisons. Make up a new story.


Day 6  Read newspaper articles about Black Lives Matter. Watch a Blue Peter Clip and create interview questions for the presenters.

Day 7  Read a poem, ‘Hollow’, about the toppling of the statue. Answer reflective questions. Read a story on similar theme – read and plan.  

Day 8 – Read a poem by Martin Niemöller, ‘And then they came for me.’ Read and summarise a non-fiction article. Evaluate some fiction.    

Day 9 – Read first-hand accounts of children’s experiences of racism. Present a story. Read a non-fiction article.   

Day 10 – Read the author profile of, and interview with Benjamin Zephaniah. Read poems. Watch a performance and practise reading a poem out loud.