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Below are resources for tens days’ worth of English learning. Please work through and complete what you can.


Here is an outline of the learning for the ten lessons: 


Week 1:

o   Day 1 – Listen to Wilf Merttens tell the first half of the story of Cinderella. Write a profile of a character. Write entries from Cinderella’s diary.

o   Day 2 – Listen to the remainder of Cinderella. Write a conversation between one of the Ugly Sisters and Mrs Beanstalk as speech bubbles and then also as punctuated sentences.

o   Day 3 – Listen to a reading of Roald Dahl’s Cinderella from Revolting Rhymes. Look at vocabulary and rhyming within the story. Select your favourite of the two versions of Cinderella and explain why you think it the best.

o   Day 4 – Read Why Not Me? by Ruth Merttens and Jackie Abey. Answer questions about the story. Plan to write a story about the Woodpecker.

o   Day 5 – Re-read Why Not Me? Learn about the role of possessive apostrophes. Using best handwriting, write out the story about the Woodpecker planned yesterday.

Week 2:

o   Day 6 – Listen to a reading of Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. Sequence events from the story. Recognise the tale as a ‘quest’ narrative. Write what characters are thinking at a particular point in the narrative.

o   Day 7 – Re-listen to the reading of Lost and Found. Understand what is meant by the progressive form of the past and present tenses. Use this knowledge to sort and rewrite sentences according to the form of tense used. Write about how you would look after a sad penguin.

o   Day 8 – Watch the trailer for the film version of Lost and Found. Plan, then write a story about what the penguin does to persuade the boy to let him stay at his house. Use past tense (including the progressive form) in story writing.

o   Day 9 – Listen to a reading of the first part of The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers. Learn how to identify and write question and statement sentences. Use this knowledge to write predictions about the remainder of the story. Write imaginatively about where you would fly if you had a plane like the boy in the story.

o   Day 10 – Listen to the concluding part of The Way Back Home. Learn how to identify and write commands and exclamations. Use this knowledge to identify sentences and add the correct punctuation, depending on sentence type. Compare Lost and Found and The Way Back Home and explain which of the two is your favourite, giving reasons for your choice.