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Lighthouse Class English 2 Week Overview


Week 1

Day 1 – Read and enjoy a poem and sequence the events.

Day 2 – Read more poems and consider the rhymes. Identify pairs of rhyming words.  

Day 3 – Listen to a repetitive story, sequence the events, using the repeated phrases.

Day 4 – Listen to a different version of the same story and compare the two versions. Re-tell the second version using actions.

Day 5 – Use the stories as stimulus for letter writing, thinking about features of letters.   


Week 2

Day 1 – Enjoy a traditional tale, sequence events. Write punctuated sentences about characters from the story using simple adjectives.

Day 2 – Re-listen to a traditional tale, identify conjunctions but and and. Write sentences using each conjunction.

Day 3 – Compare two versions of a traditional tale; write sentences containing the conjunction because to respond to the story.

Day 4 – Hear or read a humorous poem. Explore rhymes, create a poem from lines provided.

Day 5 – Read a further humorous poem. Compare the two poems. Make connections between events and own lives. Write humorous poem modelled on those read.