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Below are resources for tens days worth of English learning. Please work through and complete what you can.


Here is an outline of the learning for the ten lessons: 


Week 1

Day 1 Listen to a story by Lauren Child; recall details from the text; write about aspects of fiction, using conjunctions to link ideas.

Day 2 – Re-listen to a fiction text; identify nouns, adverbs and adjectives in a text; write about a fictional character using expanded noun phrases for description.

Day 3 – Listen once again to a familiar story; revise the use of commas to separate items in lists and add to unpunctuated sentences.

Day 4 – Read an abridged version of a familiar fiction text; answer comprehension questions about the text; write imaginatively in response to a text.

Day 5 – Listen to a song lyric; write full, punctuated sentences in a creative piece of writing; use commas in sentences to separate items in lists.


Week 2

Day 1 Listen to a story; understand, identify and use prepositions in writing; write a brief conversation between story characters.

Day 2 – Re-listen to a story; identify and use nouns, adjectives and adverbs in own writing.

Day 3 – Listen to a different story; write imaginatively in response to a story heard; use descriptive language in own writing.

Day 4 – Continue to listen to a new story; plan and write a story based on one heard.

Day 5 – Read a poem; infer information from reading; write imaginatively in the form of a letter.