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Below are resources for tens days worth of English learning. Please work through and complete what you can.


Here is an outline of the learning for the ten lessons: 


Week 1

Day 1 – Read and enjoy a humorous story. Revise conjunctions and writing extended sentences.

Day 2 – Re-read the story and read a diary entry. Revise features of diary entries and write a diary entry of their own.   

Day 3 – Listen to an oral story, sequence the events, re-tell the story.

Day 4 – Listen to a different version of the same story and compare the two versions. Produce a character profile.

Day 5 – Read Hansel and Gretel. Correct incorrect punctuation in a diary entry and write own correctly punctuated diary entry. 


Week 2

Day 1 – Read and enjoy a non-fiction book on whales (provided). Revise adjectives and use these in writing comparisons in descriptive writing.

Day 2 – Watch/read the first part of a biography of Jacques Cousteau and answer questions about it.   

Day 3 – Finish reading the biography and then revise apostrophes of both types, identifying and using these.

Day 4 – Children read a book review of Manfish and identify the features of these texts. They then write their own book review and give the book a score in stars. 

Day 5 – Revise present and past tense, and then learn about the progressive form. Complete exercises, then do a short piece of creative writing.