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English Learning

Below you will find 10 days worth of English activities. Also attached are some resources to accompany them. It covers reading, writing and grammar. Please complete what is manageable for you and your family. Feel free to access tasks from a lower year group if it is too tricky for your child. 


Here is a summary of what the learning will cover:

Day 1 – Listening, sequencing events, and using a storyboard to write an account.

Day 2 – Revise and practise adverbials. Write sentences with adverbials for the story.

Day 3 – Write stories, including adverbials.

Day 4 – Identify noun phrases in sentences. Read a poem, write own version. 

Day 5 – Understand that prepositions can add information to a noun phrase.


Day 6  Read and summarise a story.  Revise verbs and clauses, use conjunctions.

Day 7  Read and summarise a story. Identify and use conjunctions to add information about time, cause and place.

Day 8 – Plan and write a story, using conjunctions.  Read another version.

Day 9 – Reading a set of poems, choosing favourite, answering questions and reading a poem aloud.  

Day 10 – Reading poems. Preparing a comparison between two poems.