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English Learning

Below you will find 10 days worth of English activities. Also attached are some resources to accompany them. It covers reading, writing and grammar. Please complete what is manageable for you and your family. Feel free to access tasks from a lower year group if it is too tricky for your child. 


Here is a summary of what the learning will cover:

Day 1 – Reading a story. Choosing and explaining memorable phrases drawing on literary techniques.    

Day 2 – Listening to a story. Writing answers. Reading aloud with appropriate intonation and expression.  

Day 3 – Reading an article and retrieving the important information.  Telling the story. Writing summary sentences.    

Day 4 – Revising word-classes: nouns, verbs, determiners, pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions, adjectives and adverbs. Reading a report. Research.

Day 5 – Reading a poem. Practicing word-classes. Creative writing. Presentation.

Day 6  Watching a video-message from the lockdown: a letter to myself in 6 months’ time. Revising formal and informal language. Noting ideas.     

Day 7  Re-watching the video-message. Exploring the vocabulary of emotions. Creating and performing own messages.

Day 8 – Watching a different video-poem from the lockdown: Things to remember when this is over. Revising expanded noun-phrases and thinking about description.

Day 9 – Analysing the video-poem. Planning, scripting and performing own messages. 

Day 10 – Reading a poem about the NHS by Michael Rosen. Identifying nouns and verbs. Writing own poem.