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Day 1 - 9th December

Good morning everyone!

I can’t wait to see you all on Zoom at 9 o’clock. I have sent an email to your parents with the link.

The work below is set for you to complete today.

Remember to try your best and make sure to keep you writing neat and tidy in your books. I will be giving out house points on class dojo for your work that you submit.

Look after yourselves and please email me if you have a problem.

I’m here to help.

Mr K.

Day 1 Learning by questions code

Afternoon - RE

Use the YouTube clips to remind yourself of the nativity story.

There are 2 tasks when you have finished.

The Story of Christmas (Mary and Joseph)

The Story of Christmas (Jesus is Born)

The Story of Christmas (Jesus and the Shepherds)

The Story of Christmas (Jesus and the Wise Men)

Task 1:

Imagine you are a news reporter. Create a list of questions you would ask to Mary. What questions would you ask Joseph? Imagine that you are going to interview the Shepherds and the Wise men. What would you ask?

Task 2:

Now swap roles. Pretend you are being interviewed. Write down answers to the questions you created. Remember - the more detail, the better!