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Term 1 2021.

How will the school reopen?


The school will be reopened fully. The previous restrictions have been lifted and school life will return to normal as much as possible. The children do not need to be taught in a bubble and they can take part in group activities across different year groups such as assembly or Mass. 


What if cases of COVID-19 increase?


Previously, if there was a case of COVID-19 the case bubble would be sent home and testing would take place. This will not happen in the same way. The KCSP has created a document which explains what to do should your child show symptoms of  COVID -19 or provides a positive Lateral Flow Test. This document has been attached to this section.


Quick reference guide if your child is showing symptoms of COVID-19 or provides a positive test.

What might happen if the case numbers of COVID-19 become really high?


If the number of children or teachers providing a positive test increases significantly then the school has to contact the Department of Education and the N.H.S. support lines. This is called an 'outbreak situation' and the school will be told by these agencies what it should do. 


This could involve the school returning to teaching in bubbles, mask wearing for adults and a staggered time table for coming to school. If this happens families will be told what to do and the school will publish its Outbreak Risk Assessment. 

When the case numbers become high the school will seek advice from the Department of Education. Advisors from the Department of Education work with the school using the 'Outbreak' document. This is a detailed risk assessment which looks at every aspect of school life. Together a decision is made as to which parts of the Outbreak document should be used across the school. It may be after the consultation that only one or two aspects are used rather than every part of the risk assessment.