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Quarantine Song

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A song written and recorded by Darian

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A song about quarantine


Turn up the music

Na na na na na na na

Take a look around

Who would’ve thought we’d all be home

So let’s mess around

Cause the future is unclear

We got nothing better to do

We’re just trying to get though

Can you feel me

Can you feel me



Let your energy groove you

Let your melody move you

When it’s over we can just let go

Get this rhythm into your soul


Let the rhythm take you

Anywhere it wants to

When we’re stuck and can’t get free

No matter what we’ll still be singing


Come on come on

Turn up the music

Its all we got was I use it

Come on come on

Turn up the music



By Hettie




The Book of Hopes

Remember there are online activities through:

Timestable Rockstars: - Please complete 20 minutes practice at least 3 times a week - who will beat Mr Annakie. You can write your timestables on paper, in chalk on walls or even paint them.


Purple Mash: - There are a a range of reading activities that have been assigned for weekly completion with activities and questions. Also coding activities and lots of other things you can choose to do. 


My Maths: - For extra support on the maths you have been working hard on. 


Remember to read books: as you are at home you can read many things, descriptions of TV programs, blurbs of DVD covers, rules for board games, instructions for baking/cooking or even the ingredients of food you eat. 

Structure Your Day - A Suggested Timetable for Learning and A List of Family Activities

Contact the Class Teacher

Please do not hesitate to contact the class teacher if you need any assistance with the home learning. Please use this form to contact the class teacher if you have any problems or need to ask a question about your child’s education or welfare. We will do our best to respond as soon as it is possible.